• Yusuf Hussain is Founder & CEO at DM Ventures, a boutique venture finance firm focused on the Pakistan market. He is co-Founder and former President & CEO of CresSoft, Inc, a premier B-B eCommerce firm focused on a FORTUNE 500 clientele, and former Managing Director AFPAK of LMKR, a VC-funded leading global provider of software for the oil and gas industry. At Time Warner and Verizon he led the development of the first convergent customer care systems in the USA cable and telecom industries, respectively.

    In the past, as CEO of PSEB, the apex Federal Government body for the promotion of Pakistan’s IT industry, and as Adviser to the World Bank on IT & Governance, and in other private and public sector assignments, he has raised over USD 200 million in funding. Outcomes of this funding include a x20 increase in revenue collections of a customs administration, a x3 exit on assets sale of an angel-funded startup, and a 55% year-on-year increase in nation-wide IT exports.



  •  In addition, in 2007, he obtained pledges of USD 30 million from commercial banks for a VC Fund approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.